Thursday, October 18, 2007

From the archives:

This is an old(ish) Fabric radio mix initially used to promote Mayer's superb full-length mix for the series. It's a really enjoyable selection of tracks including some Soylent Green, Richard Davis, Superpitcher, etc. A few years on, all have aged very well, a true testament to his taste as a selector. It should be also noted that Fabric is launching a new podcast series October 24th, which promises mixes from Andy Weatherall, Craig Richards, and an assortment of other notable artists. Instead of playing the new stuff, the idea is to piece together a curated look at all the artists that formed their current musical tastes. Should be interesting indeed.

Michael Mayer- Fabric radio promo mix

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an indian too said...

fabric13 is still my favorite, thanks nagy