Friday, May 09, 2008

I've been hibernating from this blog a bit.

Here are some things I've been into recently:

Osborne- Osborne
Dixon's DJing
High Places
Ryan Elliot Presents "The R Factor" (download the zip here)
Olafir Eliasson
The Ruby Suns- There Are Birds
Bruno Pronsato- Why cant they be like us
The new Speck Mountain LP (!)
Lykke Li
DJ Koze- Let's help me (an oldie but goodie)
Daso- Det
Resident Advisor
Elbee Bad- Show Me (another oldie)
Carl Craig- A Wonderful Life (classic)
Anything by Ame lately
NĂ©meth - Film
Traum 100 compilation
Laurent Garnier- Back to My Roots (both sides are killer)
Daso & Pawas- Det EP

Also: Gamall's blog and Talkwasadream. Don't miss This Month in Techno, either.

Next up: Tokyo and Montreal in May. Dispatches forthcoming.

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Erin E Till said...

Olafur Eliasson is divine.