Monday, June 16, 2008

Kode9 and Spaceape- Konfusion (vox)

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Aaron said...

At Scion Radio 17 they’re doing it big in ’08.

Channel 13: Clockout Radio

This month Clockout Radio features the artists carrying the torch for Ninja Tune/Big Dada/Counter Records. This two hour streaming display of power features exclusives from the following artists with new releases: Daedelus, full length 'Love To Make Music To' possesses future dance sound in the same Victorian fashion we have come to know and love from Alfred Daedelus. The Bug, the long awaited 'London Zoo' full length album, full of dark bass, dub step demolition, rough lyrics, echo, and decay, could surely terrify your grandparents to no end. Pop Levi, take an eclectic and creative Liverpool musician and move him to Los Angeles for an astoundingly catchy album called 'Never Never Love'.

To listen click here:

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