Friday, June 04, 2004

From: "John Sundermeyer"
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:36:50 -0800
Subject: Fwd: Treasure takes thrown

There is a new Make Out King reigning over the province of San
Francisco. Had a holloween party last Saturday in the basement of shras place,
pretty fuckn fun, got trashed and DJ'd all night. Treasure came out, drank
way to much and started making out all over the place with this chick on the dancefloor. I first saw him yelled FUCK YOUUUUUUU AHHHH and threw
vondka in his eyes, then rushed him upstairs cause his eyes were burning out
bathroom freaked out and let him right through -suckers. Josh carman showed up
also, lots of kids there dancing, technics chris scratched alittle, Slant
eyed Nick came an relieved me for a bit on the turntables, but kept playing house music that the kids hated so after fighting with him a bit shira just pulled the plug to all the power and I went back on, pretty shitty
move. I couldnt really stand up straight and kept falling over drunk and
trying to reach the fader from the floor, I pulled through and kept the kids
dancing, Treasure wasn't so lucky he and the girl passed out in the middle of
the dance floor cold as ice, D.O.A, P.O.W, M.I.A shiiit he was done, I had
to drag him out by his ankles at the end of the night. he ended up
crashed at my place. next morning II go to wake him up and my bare feet step in something wet "What the fuck is this treasure?? Did you spill
something over here?? uhwhat? I dont know ehhAhhhh back to bed" finally I get it
out of him that in the middle of the night he was too trashed to make it
to the bathroom so he just rolled over and pissed all over the floor and
carpet, sneky little fucker, GODAMN HE TURNING INTO A FINE YOUNG MAN THOUGH!
you would have been proud. anyways that waas a good weekend, the kids that
fun fanclub at the lipo lounge dug my set so looks like Im going to get a regular gig there on thursdays, pretty hot that place is hoppn'. robby
P just didnt have the heart to fire his allstar so looks like I stay and everyone else that was working gets the axe, I really have no clue how
that happened but whatever, holloween is tomorrow they dont have that one
over there do they? theres a pre party at this comic book shop below my
house go get drunk with abunch of geeks (prized for best Xmen costume I here)
I'd make a helluva wolverine I think, a bunch of us a going there, then
the owner of the shop rented limos to go to castro should be a fun one
think Jitson and I be on noogie patrol. Im going as a space assasine, got a
lazer gun, jumpsuit, helmet, computer chest pack and a bottle of Skyy should
be good, but thats the news from the front, crazy town leftovers? you
dirty sunuvabitch, pass that shit to nagy and git yourself some proper girl
with fucked up teeth and big tits. over and out- Gavin

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