Friday, June 04, 2004

Get On Downz 12’

A version to appear on

Freerange have gone for the both sides of the house spectrum with the Get On Downz 12'. Switch bring a funky, groovin’ house number with the original--it’s got catchy vocal hooks, peaks and valleys, the whole bit. However, the remix is where it’s at for me. Henrik Schwarz, known for his stellar “Chicago” and a host of recent remixes, lays down a slow burning 10 minute track. His mix takes bits from the original, brings the tempo way down and reconstructs it completely. The remix is best described as Moodymann meets Plastikman with layers of percussion a la Theo Parrish. It’s extremely cerebral, with dub/jazz undertones and twisted pitch-bent bass. Light, distorted keys float in and out, along with a heavily edited vocal sample from the original. The track starts building with tense, repetitive piano notes at about 3:15 in, and swells in grandiose fashion before subduing to build back up again. All and all, it’s a spellbinding, hypnotic mix that illustrates you don’t have to be uptempo to have amazing dynamics.

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