Saturday, July 31, 2004

The Leaf Label

2002’s bestselling Leaf release, Martes, featured swollen classical strings, jaw-dropping production and perhaps the most raw and penetrating emotion of any recent electronic release. After its completion, and before putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming record, Fernando Corona, known as Murcof, released two tracks from Martes as well as two unreleased pieces to various artists on the label’s roster for remixing. Those employed for the task, including Parisienne Colleen, Corona’s Mexican collaborator Fax, and San Francisco’s Sutekh add their own unique twists and personality to the already genre-defying groundwork. The undeniable standout comes from Fax’s version of Ulysses -- it’s a slowburning house track, featuring the unforgettable strings from the original, with added clicks, textures and microsamples while retaining the same dreamy, yet slightly melancholic feel. Sutekh's interpretation comes in the form of subtle clicks and cuts over more dancefloor-oriented housey breaks, while Colleen takes the blue tones and mournful strings, reconstructing them into a nostalgic, highly personal composition.

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