Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sex In Dallas
Around The War
Kitty Yo

Three French-electro slackers adorned with the little jackets that James Murphy laments in Losing my Edge, have managed to distill their love for often-absurd French house and oversexed electro into a diverse and entertaining record aimed for fashionable dancefloors. Despite the overdriven kitsch involved, it's sufficiently warped and clever as to not fall into the ever-prevalent, general electroclash compilation fodder. The trio illustrate a punk ethos through their subdued screams on Around the War, sounding as if Atari Teenage Riot lightened up, listened to more Daft Punk and weren’t quite AS intent on tearing down social structures. The single Everyone Deserves to be Fucked, recently supported by Weatherall and Trevor Jackson, shows the trio at their most outrageous. It’s a powder-influenced rant about sexual liberation nestled under warped 303 acid blurps and overdriven rock n’ roll synths. Rumors of actual electro-induced fornication in Dallas are as yet unconfirmed.

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