Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Tiger, My Friend

Psapp blend soft vocal hooks with perhaps the most playful and creative approach to making music heard this year. Their sound is unique, but if pushed for a comparison, the duo bring to mind a variation of Stereolab; albeit one that plays with mildly abused garage sale keyboards and uses percussion made from bits and bobs around the house. Instrumentation ranges from glockenspiels and hand-plucked violin, to even a BB pellet plink-plonking around in an old coke bottle. “Leaving in Coffins” features a childlike melody and syncopated glitches, as if Aphex Twin hired a chanteuse to sing over his mayhem. “Chapters” is decidedly darker and tempered with romantic unrest, featuring thick, standup bass stabs and a frosty vocal delivery. Personable and highly innovative, it’s all too easy to forget Tiger, My Friend is a debut album.

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