Tuesday, January 11, 2005

From DNasty:

Mumbai and I

So Wall Street is outsourcing a lot of analyst responsibilities to Mumbai.

As I read of this whitecollar bloodletting I couldn't help but think that we have all been warned.

For certain there was NAFTA, Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan and a host of others. But I am thinking of an even more prescient Laocoon: Great Tiger in Mike Tyson's Punchout. Think back to his callous taunts:

"A kitten is no match for a Tiger!"
"So a pussycat wants to fight a Tiger?"
"Beware of my Tiger punch!"

And finally:

"I have purred long enough! Now hear me roar!"

This he often said before destroying me (Mac) with the aforementioned Tiger Punch.

I thought that I had left that punch behind for good when the firm bosom of a local girl broke me from the bliss of Freudian latency.

Great Tiger is back. He has an MBA from the Delhi Institute of Business Technology and Administration and he wants your job. He will work for 5 cents an hour and a medical plan consisting of band-aids and dental floss to get it.

What is corporate America to do?

An early policy paper leaked from the Brookings Institute has come up with only one plausible solution: A:B:Select-Start:007 373 5953.

The Heritage Foundation has opted to keep quiet on the issue after their disastrous policy recommendation re: The Iran Contra Scandal - Up:Down:Up:Down:Left:Right:Left:Right:A:B:A:B:Select:Start

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