Monday, March 07, 2005

Smash TV Live
Forthcoming on

Though they've been making music since 1989, it was meeting Ellen Allien -
queen of the Berlin techno cognoscenti - that served as the catalyst
to launching Holger Zilske and Michael Schmidt's career.
Following their Smash TV debut on BPitch, 2002's Electrified, Zilske helped
polish Allien's Berlinette LP and is currently at work on her forthcoming
effort, Thrills. With their latest, Bits For Breakfast, the duo constructs
pop techno with vocoded vocals and swaggering bass lines. While some tunes
have a clean German sheen, they also embrace gritty 8-bit textures,
crunchy beats, and lo-fi samples that bring a welcome density and intensity
to the proceedings. Though no televisions will be harmed in their live act,
your electro preconceptions may be smashed.

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