Monday, April 11, 2005

It's refreshing to see someone rewarded for his hard work and dedication to disseminating underexposed music. Since his early days as a student at NYU, Tim Sweeney's been doing just that as both one of NYC's hardest-gigging DJs, and as host of the Beats in Space mix show. Over the years, his guests have ranged from the turntable cut-and-paste dons Coldcut, to innovative DJs like Maurice Fulton, and beyond. The past few weeks have seen a high level assortment of musical talent, including Germany's Thomas Fehlmann (with a live laptop set), a new mix from Output's Trevor Jackson, and an in-studio appearance from Mu. (CJN)

Thomas Fehlmann: Live in-studio (Minimal/dub)

Trevor Jackson: Live(Electro-disco)

Mu: Live in-studio (Mutant disco)

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