Monday, April 11, 2005

Polymorphic Music was founded to showcase the label's artists, as well as to serve as a free, high-quality clearinghouse for the more experimental side of electronic music. It's not all spaced-out ambient and drone, however. Bands like Psapp feature handcrafted, textured electronic pop, while Kieran Hebden's influential post-rock project Fridge gets equal play. In this installment, check the new White_Line offering, featuring the astonishingly talented Marsen Jules, as well as Lusine and Taylor Dupree. Next, J. Auer showcases the best of the Detroit-influenced Boltfish and Rednetic labels, and finally, Hal's Assembler brings in electronica, jazz, and even krautrock. (CJN)


J. Auer: Rednetic mix(Detroit house)

HAL: Assembler mix(Electro / krautrock)

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