Friday, May 06, 2005


My Boss:
i didn't make any changes to your (name redacted) memo - barely read the beginning and sent off to Jim
Me:erm, dude you said you were going to revise it...please tell me this is a joke
Boss: no, why?
Me: oh, something about purging the (name redacted) executive staff
and starting anew...i dont need this on my semi day off
Boss: what? holy shit!

Long, awkard silence (during which I start looking for a new job on mediabistro)

Boss:you've been punked
aiight bro...have a great weekend


Anonymous said...

This guy sounds awesome. I bet he monlights as a Shirpa on the weekends for rich British explorers. I bet you guffaw mockingly when girls attempt to associate with you romantically so you deserved it.

cjn said...

he moonlights as a sherpa for aristocrat myles, when myles isn't busy busking in belgravia or prank calling margaret thatcher.

btw im totally nice so shush :)

Anonymous said...

I bet your "Boss" was the inspiration behind Apple's logo after actually biting Steve Job's arm off while, at the same time, peeling a Macintosh apple.