Saturday, July 30, 2005


Some nice music for you here. Watch out for Marc LeClair's (aka Akufen) new record. Not sure when the stateside release is, but its really good. Also, Konrad Black is one of my fav producers, and if you're in the NYC, come check out his set on Thursday of this week. I'll post the details tomorrow. Just received the new Jackson record on Warp in the post, and have been hearing amazing things, so I'll check it out tonight. Stay tuned.

Billie Holiday- Yesterdays (Junior Boys Remix)
Marc LeClair-236rd Jour
Konrad Black- Separation Anxiety (feat March 21)

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kendra said...

hey colin - i know your name as one of my fellow contributors to earplug. another earplug writer (jimmy jung) and i will be at happy ending tonight to hear konrad black and we'd love to meet you. i am relatively nondescript, but you can't miss jimmy - he's 6'5"! say hello to him first and i will probably be close by. :)