Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth!

A few things:

-My friend and Boldtype editor Toby Warner reporting from Senegal.

-Rory Stewart's account of his 2002 walk across Afghanistan is a must-read. Check out an NYT review here.

-Stop by Modifyer for a weekly smattering of the most interesting new electronic tracks. This girl spends crazy time listening and discovering new sounds for your benefit.

-Philip Sherburne's got a new mix up from Lolita in Barcelona. For those of you in the area, he plays with Konrad(ical) Black at Raum the 27th of July. Check it if you can.

-DJ Rupture's blog is a must for your bookmarks. He's got plenty of great mixes on there.

-Sick Girls!

-Wagon Repair's put out the new Cobblestone Jazz EP, and Mr. Soft at Tape has one of his incredibly insightful (and hilarious) reviews included in a comprehensive roundup of new rackords.

-In case you missed it from a few weeks back, here's my Flavorpill review of Dwayne Sodahberk's new one. It is a really cool record that's worth your time. Promise!

-Finally, a cool mini-Minus doc via Youtube, which brought "Gem Sweater" to this blog earlier in the week. Thanks to Hector for pointing it out.


modyfier said...


thanks for appreciation. i sometimes wonder about a name for a compulsive listening disorder!


Richard Carnage said...

Alright Colin,
Got a new mix up on Tape that you may be interested in; here's the tracklisting...

1) Alexander Robotnick - Dark Side Of The Spoon (Richard Carnage Ambient Edit) // CD-R
2) Luciano & Thomas Melchior - Father // Cadenza
3) Loco Dice - Seeing Through Shadows // M_nus
4) Gui Boratto - Sozinho // K2
5) Robert Babicz - The Cloudpainter // Out Of Orbit
6) Pier Bucci - Tita (Dandy Jack & The Latin Lava's Teeta Mix) // Crosstown Rebels
7) Gabriel Ananda & Cio D'or - Lauschgoldengel // Treibstoff
8) Westbam ft. Superpitcher - It's Not Easy // Low Spirit
9) Hug - Fluteorgie // K2
10) Metope - Second Skin (Tekel Remix) // Sender
11) Andy Caldwell - Warrior (Claude Von Stroke Sharp Toof Mix) // Om
12) The Infadels - The Girl That Speaks No Words (Nightmoves Vocal Remix) // Wall Of Sound
13) Gucci Soundsystem - aCarpenter // Bugged Out!
14) John Tejada - The End Of It All // Palette
15) Booka Shade vs. Annie - Mandarine Beat (Richard Carnage Edit) // CD-R

Nice to see you back posting regularly!